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The Peacemaking Institute

The Peacemaking Institute is a national non-profit that launches Peacemaking Academy programs with community and system partners who seek innovative criminal justice reform.

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Peace Circle
Peace Circle
Peace Circle
Peace Circle


“Some people think that making peace is about reconciling wtih others.  To me, making peace is about facing my own demons.”

“Maybe the one true antidote to youth violence is to surround young people before they do something irrevocable, in a circle with people who care about them and are willing to spend the time and to do the follow up and to show them that we care.”

Dan Satterberg

Former King County Prosecuting Attorney

A once and future peace

A once and future peace

Directed by Eric Daniel Metzgar (Emmy award winner)

Screening:  Stay tuned & please check back for the next film screening.

Venue:  TBA

A Seattle-based restorative justice program based on Indigenous peacemaking circles aims to bring healing to families and communities while breaking the cycle of incarceration.