Who We Are

The Peacemaking Institute

The Peacemaking Institute is a national non-profit organization that launches, implements, and oversees Peacemaking Academy programs with other non-profit partners and the criminal justice system.  We seek innovative system reform to transform the criminal justice system to a more humane and compassionate system.

The Peacemaking Academy is a “doing business as” (DBA) of The Peacemaking Institute and works closely together to ensure the success and sustainability of the partnership and program in each locale.

Our work in partnership with communities and systems is to create an avenue that utilizes crime and conflict as an opportunity to bring people together to build trust, heal, strengthen family values, make amends that bridge broken relationships, and builds a community of trust.

Our Vision:

An advanced society thriving in harmony.

Peacemaking Circle

Our Mission: Cultivating peace. Inspiring change.

Transforming criminal justice with community engagement

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to facilitate partnership between communities and governmental systems to co-design a “win-win” outcome guided by shared aspiration and trust-building as a foundation, creating an avenue that utilizes crime and conflict as an opportunity to bring people together; build trust, heal, strengthen family values, and make amends that bridge broken relationships.  This builds a community of trust that allows us to see the good in each other while building credibility, so we learn how to lead change and innovation together.

In order to achieve our Vision and Mission, below are 3 key strategies that are unique to our approach:

Key Strategies

Managing Paradox

Transform Conflict into Opportunities.

System & Community Partnership

Sharing Power and Co-Design a Win-Win.

Leading Change & innovation

Leadership & a Culture of Contribution.

Our Guiding Principles

Values that guide, ground, and center us in our work to fulfill our vision and mission:

PERSONAL MASTERY – who can we change so we evolve, connect, and align with each other?

BEGINNER’S MINDSET – be open to exploration of what is possible through curiosity and enthusiasm to learn.

TRUTH & RECONCILIATION – making peace and managing paradox; the willingness to accept, own our mistakes, and repair harms through actions that liberate us from suffering.

LEADING CHANGE TOGETHER – together, we can achieve more and when we are together, it makes the journey more meaningful, fun, and less lonely.

“If we don’t know how to harness power and share it, we can’t lead together.”

Saroeum Phoung
Chief Visionary Officer, The Peacemaking Institute