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A leadership development and cultural transformation consulting company

PointOneNorth Consulting, LLC is a for-profit consulting firm, well-known for working with leaders across different sectors of businesses and organizations to address critical and challenging issues they face in today’s world. We coach and inspire leaders to share power, build a culture of contribution, and create an environment where collaboration inspires creativity, human ingenuity, and innovation.

Our organization, founded by CEO and principal consultant, Saroeum Phoung in 2008,  seeks to fulfill our mission of “inspiring human possibilities” by providing training and coaching on leadership development, culture transformation, and system change utilizing OneNorth Peacemaking® frameworks, models, concepts, and methodology.  Guided by OneNorth Peacemaking® principles, we help “opposing” voices come together to creatively work through conflict and seek collaborative solutions that emerge from the process.

When there are many “Norths, “PointOneNorth helps groups locate their “True North” together.

Our Purpose:

Inspiring human possibilities.

At PointOneNorth, we believe that critical and creative solutions are hidden within the gaps and isolation of human experiences that hinder us from seeing ourselves and each other as capable.  When connections are built and broken relationships are amended, we feel empowered and recognize we have the potential, as a collective, to achieve the results we seek.  Our collective aspiration will spark, inspire, and propel us to reach our full potential.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.

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PointOneNorth Consulting, LLC

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