National Prosecutor’s Convention

Oct 3, 2022

It was truly an honor as I had the privilege and opportunity to participate in the National Prosecution Best Practices Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Prosecution has a lot of power and I feel really hopeful and inspired that there are prosecutors who are willing to work with their employees, other system partners, and community to share power and lead change together.  It was also neat to share the short film with snippets from A Once and Future Peace with youth participant’s testimonials of the work we have done in King County as a best practice.

“I am excited about the future possibilities to partner with leaders to create and build a compassionate system that focuses on healing, building trust, collaborating, and humanizing each other.”

-Saroeum Phoung

Photo left to right:

• Jimmy Hung, Chief Deputy Prosecutor of the Juvenile Division of the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

• Richard D. Burbidge, Producer of film, A Once and Future Peace

• Dan Satterberg, Former King County Prosecutor

• Saroeum Phoung, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, The Peacemaking Institute

• Sim Gill, District Attorney for Salt Lake County, Utah