System & Community Partnership

The process of shifting paradigms requires trust, shared leadership and aspiration

Systems and communities have long been engaged in a struggle over power, leadership, decision-making and change.  This polarizing dynamic has resulted in deep divides and distrust between people and institutions both locally and nationwide.  To bridge this gap, it is crucial for the engagement between systems, such as the criminal justice system and communities, to shift from superficial interactions to building authentic connections grounded in trust.  However, this is easier said than done.  At The Peacemaking Institute, our experience and unconventional wisdom highlight the need to overcome the challenge of cultivating trust from a place of distrust.

Acknowledging and addressing the harm caused by current systems provides an opportunity for those who have been hurt to share their story and begin healing from the trauma they have endured.  Reconciling this unresolved grief is the first important step to establish connection where relationships can be bridged through storytelling to promote healing.  Vulnerability expressed through storytelling fosters human connection and forges trust, which is essential for partnerships and collaborations.

The goal is to transform the dynamic between systems and communities to one of partnership – where we see each other as valuable assets and create space for everyone to contribute, share power, and engage the public in the effort to promote safety.  It is crucial to involve society in this effort, as leading change and creating social impact would be incredibly challenging without this social component.  At The Peacemaking Institute, we strive to facilitate this shift and cultivate a harmonious environment where everyone can participate and thrive.

Peace is Innovation

transforming conflict into opportunities

A paradigm shift

A paradigm shift occurs when individuals focus not only on policy and procedure, but on how they can personally contribute to change.

At The Peacemaking Institute, we recognize that system transformation starts within ourselves and is within our control.

By embracing innovation we can experience a profound shift of mindset.

“When you change everything about yourself, then everything around you can change.”

Saroeum Phoung
Chief Visionary Officer, The Peacemaking Institute