Saroeum panelist at the National Judicial College

Jul 20, 2023

Saroeum Phoung was honored to be a panelist at the National Judicial College’s 60th anniversary celebration on July 20, 2023, speaking to “Healing and Restoring our Community.”  He joined several professionals to discuss the practice and effectiveness of “People Centered Justice” and “Criminal Justice Reform” taught through his organization, The Peacemaking Institute.

With the theme “JUSTICE FOR ALL … Healing and Restoring Our Community the program featured a discussion among special guests who were honored for “Making the World a More Just Place.”

The College has added a new Restorative Justice course to their educational curriculum that serves as a resource for those earning judicial degrees.  The new course at the college utilizes Restorative Justice as a holistic practice centering around the harm caused to both individuals and communities using a punitive system.  Approaching cases with this holistic approach improves the effectiveness of the justice system and case outcomes.  The practice benefits the victim, offender, and community, and improves case outcomes, lowering recidivism among youth offenders. Research has consistently proven the effectiveness of restorative justice compared to more punitive approaches. Additionally, it can be used across case types with both adults and juveniles.

This course is an opportunity for judges to learn about the history, current use, and future of restorative justice in the United States. Participants will learn about cultural considerations, different applications of restorative justice, and research findings. At the conclusion of this course, judges will have practical skills and resources they can apply to all case types.

About the National Judicial College

Created more than a half-century ago at the recommendation of a U.S. Supreme Court justice, The National Judicial College, based in Reno, NV since 1964, remains the only educational institution in the United States that teaches courtroom skills to judges of all types from all over the country, Indian Country and abroad.  The categories of judges served by this nonprofit and nonpartisan institution, based in Reno, Nevada, since 1964, decide more than 95 percent of the cases in the United States.

About The Peacemaking Institute

The Peacemaking Institute is a national non-profit organization that trains, launches, and oversees peacemaking academy programs with other non-profit partners and government institutions.  Their strategy and approach in partnership with communities and systems is to co-design a “win-win” guided by Shared Aspiration & Shared Values to create an avenue that utilizes crime and conflict as an opportunity for bringing people together to build trust, heal, strengthen family values, make amends that bridge broken relationships, and build a community of trust who lead change and innovation together.